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O....KAY!! "Untitled" is being produced and made up and shit like that its a very long pain in the ass process long story short I haven't been feeling my best as of late and yes it sucks so lately ive been feeling like SHIT! its hard to deal with daily life pressures but ill make it through slowly but surely. In other news Collaborations I plan on having quite a few on the new album trying to scrape up the ka-ching to get some kick ass collabs on it for all my evil aliens out there. Also I'm not just working on my album im also working on producing a rap album for my brother Cypher go check out his shit over at hes got some good rap skills ill be producing his whole debut album most of the songs hes got on the page I linked are just him rapping but its still good. And lastly just so everyone know the name of my new album is not going to be "Untitled" I am just calling it that as a reference so it seems like it has a name.
Well everyone if your not following the official Dj BigHead facebook or the official twitter then your gonna find out now that theres this little faggot whos irritating me his name is illkiller blah blah blah hes nothing but a whiny little dick rider whos been bothering the shit out of me he dissed me because i showed my opinion of him on his facebook page the reason i dont like him is because he does nothing but whine about his ex girlfriend in two of his three newest songs plus he cant rap worth shit and also the fact that he dissed me after i expressed my opinion on his music shows everyone that hes even more of a punk bitch fuck illkiller
New Record Label!!!!! Thats right everyone Dj BigHead has decided to re-vamp the label with new artists more money more power and a new name the new label is named "Bloodbath Records" so from now on all of the music being put out will be labeled by "Bloodbath Records" and their is also news on the new artists to the label. Two seperate acts are now signed to the label other than Dj the first act is a fucking two duo group made up of Toxick and Minion the group is named as SideShow and the third act is a singular rapper named Lil-C and everybody can expect all of these artists to have a collab on Djs "Untitled" album and also in the near future expect album releases from the others for the near future. All thats left to say is Much Love <3